Scorpio Foods is a HACCP and AQIS accredited processor and exporter of quality meat products supplying the food service industry.

Australian owned and operated, Scorpio Foods sources its fresh meat and poultry from farms on the Australian east coast, including free range and organic. We only purchase from endorsed suppliers who meet the highest industry health and safety standards.

As testament to these exacting requirements, Scorpio is the preferred meat and poultry supplier to the Australian baby food industry!

Scorpio Foods commenced business nearly 40 years ago as a red meat boning, packing and export company trading as Scorpio Meats. The Paterson family purchased the company in 2008 when it became Scorpio Foods and has moved the company forward to become a leading supplier of premium processed and cooked meat and poultry products to all sections of the food industry.

We are continuing to develop value-added products in partnership with our clients. We tailor each product to a customer’s specification, be it grass-fed, free range, cooked, fresh, frozen, Halal or organic, and within the stipulated budget and taste specification, for example whether it’s the way a roast is seasoned, to a specific recipe for a meatball or kofta.

With our in-house chefs and food technologists using state-of-the-art technology, Scorpio will develop and control the quality and packaging of our products in accordance with our customer’s requirements. We guarantee consistency and quality every time to support our clients in their evolving markets.

Our clients, who range from the largest manufacturers and retailers, to the smallest, receive rapid response and personalised service.

To compliment our Colac meat processing facility, Scorpio owns and operates a Coolstore in the central Victorian town of Shepparton. This plant operates as a contract chiller and freezer for the export market along with frozen storage for its customers.

  • Halal Registered
  • Organic Registered
  • Export Registered
  • HACCP & AQIS Accredited
  • Aus-meat accredited
  • WQA accredited